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5 Household Problems That Often Occur - In married life, it seems impossible for a partner to avoid problems. Every problem will definitely arise whether it's in the early days of marriage or when the marriage has been going on for decades.

Therefore, it is necessary to have good conflict management so that each of these problems can be resolved properly without triggering a prolonged conflict even to divorce.
Well, here are some examples of household problems that often occur in family life.

What are the 5 most common household problems?

1. Financial Problems

One of the main factors of quarrels in the household is due to financial problems. This can be caused by a lack of income or poor management of household finances.
In the family there needs to be good control over every income and expenditure that exists. Don't be too extravagant and spend a lot of things unnecessarily.

Both partners must determine priorities in finance, how much is needed for monthly shopping, paying for electricity, wifi, savings and other needs. Everything must be calculated correctly.
Not just because you now have a job, you can waste money however you want. Remember that life revolves. You have to prepare supplies when you are in a difficult situation. One of them is by saving a lot.

2. Misunderstanding

Marriage is the union of two people who may differ in terms of nature, character, habits and mindset. So it is not strange, if sometimes domestic life is full of problems related to misunderstandings. Husband wants A, Wife wants B.
This problem sometimes arises from anything, even from things that are sometimes trivial. So, your job as a couple is also to talk about conflict management in the household. So that any misunderstandings that arise later can be resolved properly. 

3. Affair

In this sophisticated era, the doors of infidelity are wide open, either through social media or chat applications that allow everyone to send messages quickly without distance and time restrictions.
This of course becomes a problem in the family, if one partner has an affair with another. In addition to betraying this partner is also a shameful act and very irresponsible.
Couples must be committed to each other to their marriage. After all, the marriage bond is sacred and cannot be toyed with at will.

4. Family Intervention

In some cases, sometimes the extended family is too involved in family affairs so that this causes discomfort or even conflict in our small family.
Therefore, as much as possible after marriage to live not too close to the family because sometimes they have a bad effect on the integrity of the family.

You as a husband are the leader of the household, every wife must obey her husband even above her parents. Because in truth, the wife is the husband's responsibility when the consent is read. So, obey every husband's decision above family intervention.

5. Sexual Problems

However marriage will intersect with the so-called sexual life. The problem that sometimes occurs is that one partner is dissatisfied with this activity. In the long term of course this will be a big problem.

So, always talk about sex openly, what you want and what your partner wants. Also talk about things that are obstacles for couples to have sex and find solutions together.
Well, that's a short article about problems that often arise in domestic life. Hopefully this article is useful.

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