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How to move on if your ex is your co-worker? - Having an ex-co-worker can definitely ruin your work mood, but don't worry, there's always a way to move on if your ex is your friend. Don't let your career be damaged just because your relationship with your ex is broken.

How to move on from an ex who becomes a co-worker

Love stories that run aground often make us feel broken and feel like we don't want to see our ex again. But what if the ex turns out to be a co-worker, especially if they share the same room with us? Do we really have to sacrifice our jobs and become failures? don't need it!
So, those are some tips for moving on from your ex who became a co-worker, especially if you share the same room with us.

Acting Normal

Always remember that in the room there are only co-workers and no ex. As much as possible, be normal and don't be too forced, because the harder we force something, the more difficult the process will be.

Limit Interactions Associated with Exes

Take a stand and start building fences so you don't interact with your ex as much as possible, avoiding some of the places where your ex used to be.
For example, during breaks, try to start looking for places to eat that your ex has never visited, so you can start enjoying a new atmosphere and of course you can have lunch without having to see your ex around.

Be Someone Professional

Show that you are someone who has high professionalism, even though you are forced to team up with your ex, it doesn't mean that what your ex does is blame and continue to find fault.
Keep showing support to your ex if he is the leader and vice versa if you are the leader and your ex is the subordinate, so if you are wrong you will be reprimanded within reasonable limits and if you are right you will be rewarded.

Change Habits and Appearance

As one of the encouragement is to suggest to yourself that it is time to turn over a new leaf. For that, you can start by giving a new touch to your appearance, so that it is always reflected that this is the new me and not who I was yesterday.

Stay and Always Worship

As a religious person, it is necessary to always remember the creator. Improve and increase worship, interspersed with prayers and requests to become a new and better person.

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