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Signs a Man Doesn't Love You But Still Holds - Sometimes, a man chooses to stay in a relationship with a woman even though he has no love in his heart. On the one hand he may want to break up or get a divorce, on the other he may have feelings of displeasure or fear of hurting his partner's feelings.

 Likewise in the household, sometimes feelings of affection slowly fade with increasing age of marriage. For that you should try something else that makes the relationship less boring.
As a woman, you need to know the signs a man doesn't love you but is still holding on. Here are some of them;

What are some signs a guy doesn't love you but is still holding on?

1. There is a Difference in Attitude

When you are in a relationship or marriage for the first time. Maybe you are feeling the moment when the guy looks so kind, caring and always there for you.
However, over time these traits may change either out of boredom or your husband doesn't love you anymore.
If it turns out that your husband has such characteristics, you must immediately make changes, be it in appearance, character, make-up and so on. This is done to attract the attention of your husband back to be more intimate with you.

2. Having a Disregard or Stupid Nature

Generally, a person will worry about something happening to their partner, whether it's worrying about their condition, their health, or their love for you.
For people who have ever felt numb to you, those feelings will simply go away. He will ignore the ducks and will not care if you are sick, happy or sad.
Even if he pays attention to you, maybe it's just camouflage and a mere formality so that he doesn't get called a guy who doesn't have empathy.

3. Less affection

Affection can be shown by gaze, touch or speech. When people have feelings of love for someone at least it will be seen even if only with a look and a smile.

However, if someone no longer loves you, this trait will disappear. His gaze was blank and there was no love in his eyes.
Your love life will taste bland like it lacks seasoning. Guys who are usually romantic can suddenly become lazy to do anything even if they are just chatting.

4. Acting arbitrarily

In some cases of men who have lost love, someone no longer cares about their partner and even tends to torture and oppress their partner with violence.
This happens a lot in the household, a husband who does not love his wife will usually start to act arbitrarily. Beating and telling his wife to do unnatural things. The household will be full of quarrels and domestic violence.

5. Cheating

Infidelity may indicate a man who has no feelings for you anymore.
When a guy cheats on you, it could be because he's bored and looking for something else that you don't have. Whether it's in terms of nature, beauty or affection and attention to him.

But, regardless, everything written from the points above can be true or not quite right. These signs may indicate something different about your partner, not that the guy doesn't like you anymore.

So, always be kind to your partner. Make him feel at home in a relationship with you, give more attention when the man is tired after a long day at work. Make him feel cared for and don't let him lose his love for you.

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